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We've gone digital! Welcome to the Life Experience School virtual experience, a website dedicated to maintaining the work of LES and the Peace Abbey during these times of isolation.

Check back here regularly for our current programming schedule and activities as well as updates about the program.

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Tuesday, June 1

 Weekly A-SIGN-ment!

Tomorrow during our Wednesday 1 PM Zoom meeting we will be sharing another word we've learned in sign language. This week's word theme is Things we Love About LES! Share with us the sign for anything you love about LES!
As usual, feel free to refer to HandSpeak for reference and guidance in finding your word!

Welcoming Us Back


Did you miss us? Because we missed you!
You heard that right! Lavender St. is reopening its doors starting Tomorrow, June 2nd to LES attendees once again!
Strict safety protocols to all returning LES-ers will be in place to ensure the safety of everybody.
The school will be cleaned and meticulously maintained, masks will be required to all returning individuals, and we have adjusted the building layouts to allow for more social distancing and outdoor activities.
Part of the restructured set-up involves a new roomy outdoor tent space! Individuals are free to utilize this area for even more options to help socially distance and enjoy the great outdoors without the risk of exposure to too much sun or the rain.
The increased natural air circulation and potential for cookouts at the fire pit are a plus too!
But this isn't to say that we are abandoning online LES at all. We will still be continuing our online Zoom sessions as we have been for anybody who cannot or does not wish to return yet to in person activities. Clubs, 1 o'clock Zooms, and special activities will all continue... but with a twist!
There will also be a computer at LES so that all attending individuals will be able to Zoom in and see everyone from home! It will be active the entire day, so you can always check in and see what's going on any time you'd like, from anywhere you'd like. All of our clubs and 1 o'clock meetings will be held at this location, so there is now only one Zoom link to access all of our activities.
And let's not forget about welcoming the newest Life Experience school member into the ranks: little Roarie!
That being said, the website will no longer be updated daily. BUT it will still remain active! Our photo album, Quotes of the Week, and more will still being updated from time to time, and even the front page might change with important updates and new information!
We look forward to continuing this adventure with all of you!
Here's something to hold you off just a bit longer and to get you pumped up. Why not try out these LES Mad Libs to prepare for our grand return?
There are two to fill out, and you can redo them as many times as you want for different stories each and every time!
"Welcome Back to LES!" Mad Lib
"What Is That?!" Mad Lib


Quote of the Week
Submitted by: Jeff (by way of Nancy!)
"On this earth though far and near
Without love, there's only fear."
- Pearl Buck
(You can submit your own inspirational quotes to Lauren at LrRafal@gmail.com)
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Looking for Something Else to Do?

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This is a free Facebook Live stream held daily at 1 PM for those who would like to doodle along with artist and author Mo Willems!


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Each evening at 7:30 PM a new opera will be streamed live from The Metropolitan Opera's website and their streaming apps. The previous performance will remain viewable up until 3:30 PM the next day.



Play crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, and even Mahjongg right from your tablet, phone, or computer!



Zumba Class

YouTube is host to thousands of free yoga, Zumba, and other exercise routine courses for you to do out of the comfort of your own home. Even seated routines! (And seated aerobics classes!)



Instantly borrow digital movies, music, eBooks, and more 24/7 with your library card!



Rent and Newsies and Sweeney Todd, oh my! Here is a list of 15 free to watch Broadway stage productions you can stream online.


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