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Friday, May 14

 Newsletter Reminder!

Reminder! You still have until NEXT FRIDAY to submit an article to Lauren (LrRafal@gmail.com).
If anybody would like any help then please feel free to reach out to any of the staff and ask! We are happy to help any way we can!

Innovations for Our Planet

So we've acknowledged that we have problems dealing with waste and human-made pollutants in our ecosystem. How else can we combat that?
Humans are miraculous beings. In this short video there are 22 inventions that may help us save our Earth and that display the power of innovation. It truly shows what can be done if we work together!

Purple Cup Survey

What's something you would invent that could help our planet?

Next Art Club Project

Next Tuesday for Art Club we will be making Owl Cards!
Participants will need colored construction paper (two colors of your choosing for the owl's body and yellow for the feet and beak), and gluestick, scissors, and the Templates!
Owl Card Template: HERE
Belly Template (you only need to cut out 1!): HERE
Bright blue old school video camera

Friday Movie Recommendation!


This week's movie recommendation comes from Matty with the 2009 biographical sports drama Invictus! It can be watched for free on Netflix or rented through most major streaming services!

"This movie was made in 2009 by Clint Eastwood.  It got Oscar Nominations for Actor in a Supporting Role (Matt Damon) and Actor in a Leading Role (Morgan Freeman). It is the story of Nelson Mandela (as portrayed by Morgan Freeman) wanting to unite his country by using the sports enthusiasm of the South African Rugby team, led by Matt Damon, during the 1995 Rugby World Cup Competition.  It is based on a true story but is not a documentary." - Matty


Quote of the Week
Submitted by: Jeff (by way of Nancy!)
"On this earth though far and near
Without love, there's only fear."
- Pearl Buck
(You can submit your own inspirational quotes to Lauren at LrRafal@gmail.com)
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Looking for Something Else to Do?

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This is a free Facebook Live stream held daily at 1 PM for those who would like to doodle along with artist and author Mo Willems!


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Each evening at 7:30 PM a new opera will be streamed live from The Metropolitan Opera's website and their streaming apps. The previous performance will remain viewable up until 3:30 PM the next day.



Play crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, and even Mahjongg right from your tablet, phone, or computer!



YouTube is host to thousands of free yoga, Zumba, and other exercise routine courses for you to do out of the comfort of your own home. Even seated routines! (And seated aerobics classes!)



Instantly borrow digital movies, music, eBooks, and more 24/7 with your library card!


Rent and Newsies and Sweeney Todd, oh my! Here is a list of 15 free to watch Broadway stage productions you can stream online.


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