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Thursday, February 25


Happy birthday to the one and only Cindy Loo!

Happy Purim!

Happy Purim, everybody! Tonight at sundown the holiday will officially begin, but what exactly is it? Purim is sort of like a Jewish Halloween, but it's a lot more than just that. Its roots lie in a very special story that is traditionally told each and every holiday. Special customs derive directly from the tale.
It's a tale that celebrates triumph over adversity, political activism, and a lot of feminism! Oh, and eating little triangle cookies to spite a guy who wears a very silly hat.
If that story of Purim went a little too fast for you our good friend Mayim Bialik has your back. She presents another short retelling of the tale along with a few extra holiday facts.
Hamantaschen (the plural form of hamantash) come in all flavors. They are the most iconic food from Purim celebrations and can be filled with anything your stomach can think of.
They are also pretty easy to make. Here is one recipe for them and how to achieve their signature tricorner shape!
Long live the queen! Do you know of any other stories that celebrate brave or courageous women?


Quote of the Week
Submitted by: Eric
"There are two kinds of opportunities: One which we chance upon, the other which we create." - Ruth Benedict
(You can submit your own inspirational quotes to Lauren at LrRafal@gmail.com)

Looking for Something Else to Do?

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This is a free Facebook Live stream held daily at 1 PM for those who would like to doodle along with artist and author Mo Willems!


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Each evening at 7:30 PM a new opera will be streamed live from The Metropolitan Opera's website and their streaming apps. The previous performance will remain viewable up until 3:30 PM the next day.



Play crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, and even Mahjongg right from your tablet, phone, or computer!



YouTube is host to thousands of free yoga, Zumba, and other exercise routine courses for you to do out of the comfort of your own home. Even seated routines! (And seated aerobics classes!)



Instantly borrow digital movies, music, eBooks, and more 24/7 with your library card!


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